Wednesday, July 18, 2012

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family night at winco:

It’s easy to forget how powerful acceptance can be, especially while a poor, middle-aged, desperate, hick is spewing nonsense at you.  But, once you remember, it relinquishes all power over you.

The other day I was entering Winco – well, I was attempting to enter Winco, when four over-fed, white-bread Americans on their weekly family outing expanded, congesting the entry-way while they pondered the situation and people began piling up behind them.  

A democratic decision being made, they managed to maneuver to the inside of the store, where they moseyed along, once again, expanding to the width of the aisle.   At the first indication of a break, I made my move and passed them.  In passing, the man, who apparently didn’t have the balls to confront me, comments loudly to no one in particular something to the effect of, “Who does she think she is?” or some such thing.  When I turn and look at him, he says, “We’re a family!”


I’d like to have said, “Yes, and I’m Jesus.”

Next time.  Because you know, at Winco, there will be a next time.

But, once I remembered to accept that he’s just a poor, middle-aged, desperate, hick, just like me (OK, I’m not a hick –  but, and I know you’re not gonna believe this, I can be a bitch), the anger disappeared faster than an illicit lover after sex.

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