Thursday, July 26, 2012

five more things about being single. . .

that i love:
  • You can nap, guilt-free, whenever you want.
  • You learn that variety really is the spice of life. 
  • You can live your life, follow and fail at your dreams to your heart’s content, and not worry about taking anyone down with you. 
  • When you buy a pizza, instead of having it for just one meal, you can nosh on it for days. 
  • You can spend your (meager) income however you like.
five (or 6) more things about being single that suck:
  • You have to live on your own (meager) income.
  • There’s no one to cook for/with.
  • You don’t get to experience the joy of (insert, here, however many days, weeks, months, or years, it takes until you no longer experience the joy of making love to the same person), of making love to the same person. 
  • You don’t have a built-in someone to go biking with, or to one of Portland’s many, daily, annual festivals with.
  • There’s no one to drop you off or pick you up from the airport.
  • There’s no one to blame when you fuck it all up.

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