Friday, July 13, 2012

five things about being single . . .

that i love:
  • You can go to bed and get up whenever you want.
  • You get the whole bed to yourself.
  • You can eat ice cream for breakfast (in bed, guilt-free).
  • You can read for days, even weeks, at a time (in bed).
  • You can run the remote (but, I prefer to eat or read, in bed).
five things about being single that suck:

  • You have to go to the grocery alone.
  • There’s no one to get you soup or put their hand on your forehead and say, “There,      there . . . ,” when you’re burning up with fever.  (I just keep burning up with fever to a minimum.  Still.)
  • No one gives you chocolates on Valentine’s.
  • You can’t let yourself go, just in case you run into someone who might consider buying you chocolates next Valentine’s.
  • You prefer listening to Garrsion Keillor or Ira Glass than to any one else (that's a bad thing, right?)
Hmmm . . . This has shed a great deal of light on why, exactly, it is I’m single.

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