Wednesday, July 11, 2012

ringo's – *update

*update:  unfortunately, as often happens when a place is found out, the service and food quality has gone to hell.  :(

portland events and activities
. . . is the best freakin neighborhood dive bar.  Ever.

portland events and activities
The burgers are served fresh – not frozen, hot off the grill.  The fries, which are mind-blowing and beer-battered – crisp and crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside, are THE best.  Seriously.

portland events and activities
The buns are baked fresh daily in the bakery located right across the street.

I'm vegan (not in the strict sense of the word, of course), and it's the only burger that's worth the cheat.  Although, to my credit, whomever I'm with and I order one, split it, and order an extra order of fries . . .

There are 4 or 5 pool tables in the back room, the majority of which are almost always available, except on pool tournament night, which, I think, is on Thursday eves.  So you never hafta worry about those people who can actually shoot, sweating you for your table as they snicker and roll their eyes at your incompetency (even if I haven't finished my first, my go-to excuse is that I'm just one or more beers over the OCS (optimum consumption for shooting) threshold.

Usually, you have your pick of booths, except on Trivia night, which could be Tuesdays.  I must be livin right because we got the last available booth that night.  The service is fast and friendly, even on Trivia night when it's assholes to elbows with people.


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