Friday, July 6, 2012

t'ai chi at the chinese garden

cu sister leading t'ai chi
group t'ai chi
The morning I arrived at The Chinese Garden, the charming woman I'd met the previous night at the fireworks, was surprised and seemed delighted to see me. Except for the 100 or so people being led in t’ai chi by a nun in her habit, there were no other guests in the Chinese Garden. You could feel the energy being harnessed. It was magical.

inside looking out t'ai chi
ls group t'ai chi
The architecture and flora in the garden is so breathtaking, I couldn’t decide whether to focus on the people doing t’ai chi, or on the architecture. So I really wasn’t successful at getting either. I should’ve focused on the people and used a faster shutter speed, but I used a higher f-stop because I didn’t want to give up dof, so didn’t quite get the movement stopped. I did the same thing at my Mom’s 80th birthday gathering last month.  I don’t like to use a flash when shooting peeps. I need practice with this subject.

sister leading t'ai chi

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