Friday, July 6, 2012

4th of july fireworks 2012

red yellow green fireworks
Fireworks on the Columbia River

full moon and jet
This is a jet taking off from PDX with the full moon rising.

green palm fireworks
I prefer traveling alone when going abroad. You’re forced to interact with the locals. And you find yourself in situations and you meet people you wouldn’t otherwise. Also, people everywhere seem much more tolerant of ignorant tourists than locals are of each other. I remember a rental-car clerk in Italy lamenting, “Scooza! Italians are fools!” as he negotiated his way through traffic.

But, I will do anything, up to and including not going, to get out of going somewhere locally alone, especially the grocery. So I felt fortunate when my daughter agreed to go with me to the Red Lion Hotel on the Columbia River to watch the fireworks.

blue palm fireworks
As dusk approached, I left her at our table on the waterfront overlooking the Columbia, where we'd sat and played chess while passing the time, to scout out a good place to shoot some pics. As I stood alone, near my camera and tripod, enjoying the start of the fireworks a charming woman approached and asked if I’d ever been to this event to see the fireworks before. Then she said, “I’m looking for a friend.”

“I’ll be your friend,” I said.

red palm fireworks
It turns out she lives in Honolulu and is here for a teachers of T’ai Chi convention. She asked if I might join their group the next morning at The Chinese Garden downtown and take some pictures of them while they did T’ai Chi. I was disappointed to tell her I couldn’t make it due to a prior appointment that morning.

While driving home from the fireworks, I couldn’t stop thinking about what a great opportunity it would be to shoot them at The Chinese Garden. I figured if I timed it right, I could spend a half an hour in the morning at the garden shooting them. So I went.

In the future, when I want to go somewhere but there’s no one to tag along, if I could just pretend I’m in another country, then maybe I’ll have this thing licked. Plus, now I have a new pick-up line, “Excuse me, I’m looking for a friend.”

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