Wednesday, July 11, 2012

weight gain from week of 4th celebrations

    I know, I know, you’re dying to know how many pounds I gained during the 4th of July week of celebration (well, I celebrated for a week, anyway).  The answer is 3.5 pounds, people.
    And it’s no wonder, after all the crap I ate:  hot dogs, beans (w/cheese), jello salad (w/Philly Cream Cheese and ½ & ½), chips (2 large bags.  But, you know they only fill those things half full, and, to my credit, I did share them with my daughter.  Well . . . One of them, anyway.), dip (2 jars, these were full and I did not share either one of them with my daughter.  Her self-esteem doesn’t allow her to eat pure fat disguised as dip, or anything else.  Except cake.), cake from Ava’s, and ½ burger and fries from Ringo’s.  Wow, that’s remarkable.
    I was a lil OC that week, but last week was much better.  Although, I did have Papa Murphies.  Twice.  Hey, the second time, I shared it with a man, and you know what that means.  In the amount of time it took him to inhale three pieces, I only had a piece and a ½.

   Being the good friend he is, he's always eager to devise ways to support me.  Every time I set my beer down, even if it's only for a split, I turn around and he's drinking it!  Damn him.  Then, when he left, he took the pizza with him and only left me two pieces.
   Fess up, y'all.  How many lb's did you gain?

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