Thursday, July 12, 2012

what i had for breakfast . . .

What I had for breakfast . . .
cake for breakfast
Leftover beer-battered fries from Ringo’s and leftover chocolate cake from Ava’s.

Apparently, last night when my daughter and I went to get cake, I was so intent on getting it in to my pie hole, I forgot to take a pic first.  I know you're worried, sick, about this, but, don't be.  I promise I'll go back, order another piece, and take a pic BEFORE I stuff it into my gob, so you can see it.

Hey, don't judge.  My roommate rode his bike to the grocery at 10P, bought a 16 oz plastic container of Cool Whip, sat down in front of the TV and ate. The. Whole. Thing.  All of it.  In one sitting.  COOL WHIP, people!

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